Comparison Of Two Case Studies Of Captive Yemen Chameleons


Chameleons: obesity, overheating, unnatural hydration and unsuitable food "like on a silver plate".

Information on the breeding of captive chameleons is freely available on the Internet, unfortunately the vast majority of the sources are either completely or partially wrong, erroneous and/or misleading.

The most common systemic problems in chameleon breeding, apart from the technical equipment of the terrarium, are overheating, overfeeding, unnatural method of hydration and unsuitable food.

All four phenomena have affected the life history of two male Yemen Chameleons in such an obvious way that it is worth looking at what the parameters of care lead to.

Judge for yourself ...

The most interesting finding is that keeping a Chameleon wonderfully healthy and active is not a matter of any extreme investments or special care, it's just about what parameters we set and how we keep them.

I myself would very much love, that chameleons, when we are keeping them in captivity, would be healthy and happy and would live to be over 10 years old, instead of regrettably suffering and dying with 200% overweight and in pain of organ failure.

What about you?

Author: Petr Nečas