Eggs And Their Story


Millions of years the mother Nature finetuned the process and in case of panthers, taught the females to lay their eggs in shallow, 5-7cm only deep holes in half shade and half sun, in light sandy soil. The eggs were incubated all together, exposed to diapause, circadian and seasonal temperature fluctuations little rain from time to time, bigger rain from time to time and they kept together, communicated and synchronized, they helped each other till the moment of the hatch, when they hatched together, the first and strongest dug the tunnel up to say all siblings bye bye forever and started their run for survival...

And what we do?!

We force the already exhausted female to lay 8-12 inches deep in some plastic laybin and let her almost die in that process, we take the eggs and wash them, separate them, distribute them in rows and keep them one by one laying only partly dug on some artificial strange material, we put them in hermetically closed boxes and put them into bigger boxes called incubators, which care for the most unnatural temperatures regime you can imagine: constant and hot 🥵 ufff... From time to time we shake them, put them into bright light and heat them like in a microvawe and care for their separation from each other like in a jail...

While in the past, they could be in touch with each other, and say: "hello, here I am, listen, knock - knock- knock, this my heart beating, how is yours?", they could say: "heeey too dry on my end, do not let me die" and water was transferred to them; now they spend monthts and months without any contact... They do not know when is day and when night, what is the season... so, they hatch alone and covered with that artificial sh... on the body... immediately, a biiiig predator comes and catches them... not eating them, putting them on some plastic sort of plants that are smelly and sharp, do not give oxygen at daytime and nice sleep narcosis with CO2 in the night... and they get sprayed and watched by the hummongous predator that threatens all the time byt never eats them - is he stupid or what?! :/))) come on finally and eat me or I will one day eat you! See? I open the mouth, I have a big one. And one day... I will eat you you... whoever you are, yiu are not my mama.

Well this is their story.
We try to outsmart the Mother Nature.
And the results, what we get, are totally adequate, as we are not smarter than millions of years of evolution...

Why we do it different way, why we believe we do better? Why we are lazy to think and lazy to go the extra mile and with humility and respect do the best possible? Why we always find excuses?...


This is our human nature.

Let us change it.

Author: Petr Nečas