Furcifer Pardalis Local Forms Problems Unleashed


Furcifer pardalis aka panther chameleon is a complex of forms of different level of mutual relationship. Some are genetically very close and represent jusg local populations, some are distinct at a level of different subspecies or even species.

The variability is well expressed in the color palettes of adult males when "fired up": the local forms differ considerably. A great effort was done by Highlighter Chameleons to show it in a chart and putting the variability on a map, which we gladly present here as an attachement.

Due to the genetic diversity, breeders that crossbreed these forms (calling them erroneously and wrongly "locale", which is a non-existing jargon nonsense and should be stopped in use) in a seek for new designer morphs that will sell for hundreds of dollars, do disservice to the genetics of the captive population of the "Form Complex of F. pardalis" and cause phenomenons known from crossbreeding like infertility, lower hatch rate, low survival rate etc. if this should continue, this beautiful chameleons will become extinct or will be present in our terrariums as crippled poor creatures long term.

In the current times, when Madagascar seems to close the exports for ever, it is absolutely necessary to keep the pure lines of the "local morphs" clean without crossbreeding.

Author: Petr Nečas