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Chameleon Research and Education

We desperately need new facts on chameleons Ligfe History to be able to let them thrive in the wild and in captivity, Inspire people and Make the Planet Earth a better place to live...

I guarantee with my reputation, that same, as all in my last three decades of research, the new findings will be made available for the public without any exceptions and serve the mentioned purpose.

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This site is made for the good of chameleonkind and mankind.

It is dedicated to chameleons to secure their their existence in the wild and to provide information and inspiration, fostering their wellness and thriving in captivity...

As the existence of chameleons as a family is directly and indirectly tied with trees, it is important to care for trees as well and this way to care for the whole planet.

The effort, put into forming this info base is huge, but it is not made for profit. If you find the pages useful and want to express it in a form of donation, please Contact us directly to support



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