Trioceros hoehnelii

High-Casqued Chameleon

Author: Petr Nečas 

Climate Reference Locality Weather Forecast

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Origin: Mountains of equatorial Africa (C & W Kenya, E Uganda); Climate reference locality: Leikipia, Kenya; Mt. Elgon, Uganda
Average total length: 
Males 7.6in (20cm), Females up to 7.3in (19cm)
Longevity in captivity: 
Up to 9 years, Average 5-6 years
Longevity in the wild: 
2-3 years 
Temperature at daytime: 
Low 65-77s F (18-25°C)
Temperature basking spot: 
Low 82s F (28°C) 
Temperature at night: 
32-60s F (0-15°C depend from altitude) max; ideally udner 60s F (15°C)
Humidity at daytime: 
Below 50% 
Humidity at night: 
100%, fog 
Insects and arthropods only, No vegetables, No fruits
Special notes: Can die from basking too long (more than 30min) and at high temperatures.
Nighttime temperature deep drop and fogging inevitable.
Usually high altitude species, temporarily exposed to high UVI while basking.
Simulation of wind necessary.
Pollen builds a shield against bacterial infections.
Tiny flying feeders preferred.

Indoor Housing

Size: The bigger, the better! Minimum 18x18x36in (45x45x90cm) 
Cage Type: 
Full mesh or hybrid (combination of mesh and glass or panel)
UVB source (inside or outside), Daylight source (Window or LED) (inside or outside)
Fogger at night, hand misting morning and evening 
Full mesh, small fans when using a hybrid cage and/or air is stagnant 
Live plants (no fake), natural branches (no fake vines, no ropes, no bleached wood), no substrate or bioactive


UVB light source: T5 HO 8-12 hours a day; 5-12% according to cage height
Visible light: Full spectrum or natural light 12 hours per day 
Basking spot: Up to 80s F (26°C), 20min max 2 times a day
Temperature at daytime: Low 68-72s F (20-23°C) 
Temperature at night: 50-60s F (10-15°C) max
Humidity at daytime: Below 50% (to below 30% in the dry season)
Humidity at night: 100%
Hydration: Fogger at night, Hand misting, Dripper 
Food type: Crickets, Soldier Flies, Roaches, of small size, No fruits 
Food volume: Juveniles no limit; adults shouldneither gain nor lose weight whe fully grown.
Supplementation - Each meal: Plain Calcium, Bee Pollen 
Supplementation - Once in two weeks: Calcium with D3, Multivitamin (light dusting only)
Cleaning: Clean up poop and food, remnants, sanitize hands