CHAMELEONONOTA: Notes on Chameleon Related Topics

Did you know?There is a CHAMELEON star constellation.Abbreviation: ChaRight Ascension: 11 hours Declination: -80 degreesArea in Square Degrees: 132Crosses Meridian: 9 PM, April 15Visible Between Latitudes: 0 and -90 degreesThe constellation named "Chamaeleon", the chameleon, is located in the southern hemisphere of the sky. It is only visible in...

The land of Frankincense
The land of Mocca Coffee trade
The land of Qat
The land of one of the most hospitable and kind people in the world
The land of Yemeni cusine
The land of Yemeni Jews protecting old holy scripts for millennia
The Arabia Felix of Herodotus
The homeland of Queen of Sheba...

In the naturalistic husbandry, the feeding of pollen to chameleons has established already as a standard that almost no-one questioned. It has been a ling fight that I started years ago pointing at the dominant food item amongst chameleons, the pollinators: insects active in pollinating plants as a side-effect of their feeding on flower nectar and...