Petr Nečas

Chameleon Profile

Born 18.11.1969 in Czech Republic. Herpetologist with deep love of and great passion for chameleons, spent 30 years travelling to Europe, Africa, Madagascar, Arabian penninsula, India and USA to study them in the wild and in captivity. 

Author of dozens of scientific articles and several herpetological books, one of which is considered a basal work of chameleonology: "Chameleons, the nature's hidden jewels", published in 5 languages. Another book is the only book on the leaf chameleons ever published: "Stump-tailed Chameleons: Miniature Dragons of the Rainforest, the Genera Brookesia and Rhampholeon". 

Author of descriptions of new chameleon taxa such as Trioceros tremperi, T. fitchi, T. narraioca, T. ntunte, Kinyongia asheorum, K. boehmei, K. vanheygeni and a snake parasite (Isospora atheridis). For his contributions to chameleonology, a chameleon species (Chamaeleo necasi) and a chameleon coccidian parasite (Isospora necasi) were described and named in his honor. 

He was one of the people that introduced Chamaeleo calyptratus to herpetoculture, almost the entire US population of them originated from his breeds. 

Petr is active in international field as expert and advisor helping chameleon communities to grow, spread correct information, promote best practice in chameleon husbandry and protect the rights of chameleons. He is currently working on three new books on chameleons. His photographs have been published in many magazines and books to inspire people to get fascinated by these unique creatures, that survived even the fall of big dinosaurs but are threatened now through commercial collection and destruction of their habitats... 


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