Chameleons In The Wild

Author: Petr Nečas 

Chameleons in Jordan

Chameleons in wintertime

Chameleons in november 2022 in southern Turkey 

The Biotopes of the Arabian Chameleon, Chamaeleo arabicus in Oman

In captivity, many people always struggle to imagine, what is the biotope and microhabitat of chameleons in the wild. Here we have a biotope, which is in its parameters native for Chamaeleo arabicus but equals in most features the habitat of the Yemen Chameleon too. Get inspired.

Filariasis In Chameleons

Filaria worms in chameleons, origin, cycles, pathogenity, treatment. 

Chameleons Eat Beetles 


Chameleons foul us even in their untrue heliophyly... Instead of loving sun, they hate it and vigorously hide from it... 

Chameleons of Peloponnes: The African Chameleon Home to The Craddle
of European Civilization... 

Chamaeleo monachus, Socotra, Yemen

The night questbfor mysterious Socotran Monk Chameleon, Chamaeleo monachus in the highlands of Socotra,
The Island of Dragons... 

Trioceros melleri, Tanzania

Enjoy some wild footage of the Giant Meller's Chameleon youngsters 

Rhampholeon spinosus

Enjoy the strange nose chameleon footage from the wild... 

Chameleons Fight Noble Way Not Harming Each Other As a Rule... 

Chameleon Paradise

Come with me to the mountains to search day and night for chameleons... 

The Color Change and Thermoregulation in Chameleons 

Kinyongia tenuis from East Usambara Mts, Tanzania

The Soft Nosed Usambara Chameleon, Kinyongia tenuis exhibits a remarkable behavior... 

Chamaeleo chamaeleon in Spain

The video shows photographs and two videos off the Common Chameleon from Spain, Puchina, Almeria 

Brookesia tuberculata miniature dragons of the rainforest

Meet the tiniest vertebrates on this planet. 


I invite you cordially to a virtual expedition to the homeland of the majestic Meller's chameleon, Trioceros melleri. We will visit three localities and see both adults as well as young in their natural biotope. Enjoy the moments, as if you would be there... See their real biotope and lifestyle and understand, most captive-created myths are present only due to non-understanding of their natural lifestyle: 
  • They are NOT heavy drinkers.
  • They like it windy and cool.
  • They hydrate predominantly from nighttime fog.
  • They do not live in dry savannah.
  • They do not live in colonies.
  • They eat very small prey as a rule etc. ... 

See the real Reality, Enjoy and Get inspired.

The Werner's Three-Horned Chameleon, Trioceros werneri

Amani Natural Reserve 2

Amani Natural Reserve 1

Trioceros merumontanus, The Mont Meru Three Horned Chameleon 

Amani East Usambara

Enjoy the views of East Usambaras 

Fog Drinking In Chameleons

How chameleons hydrate in the wild

The Gentle Giant of Usambara, the Meller's Chameleon, Trioceros melleri

On a search for the Meller's Chameleon in Tanzania. 

Chameleons run run run

Chameleons disperse in the environment after hatch through vigorous running for several hours to disperse in the environment.

Chameleons Can Shoot A Fly From The Air

Chameleons catch prey with their tongue, flying insects, capable of hooping, they cam shoot directly from the air.

Kinyongia tenuis From E Usambara Mts, Tanzania

The Soft Nosed Usambara Chameleon, Kinyongia tenuis exhibits a remarkable behavior... 

Chameleons Predate On Chameleons

Within one species, the cases of cannibalism are quite rare, but amongst different species, it can happen that the bigger one eats the smaller one.
Based on fecal analyse, remnants of Rieppeleon brevicaudatus were found in the faeces of Trioceros deremensis. The niches of these forest dwellers clearly overlap e.g. in E Usambara Mountains or in Uluguru Mountains in Tanzania. When incidentally exposed to a large female of T. deremensis, a male of R. brevicaudatus got stressed and started "pancaking"... The reaction was recorded and the exposure timely interrupted. 

Oman, Arabian Chameleon Biotope: Clouds, Hydration, Khareef

Chameleon Fog Hydration On Atlantic Coast Of Morocco

The Arabian Chameleon In Fog 

Chameleon In The Fog

Chameleons spend nights by much lower temperatures than at daytime and often breathing in fog... Here Kinyongia tenuis, E Usambara Mts., Tanzania 

Chameleons Are Predators

Chameleon prey and its seizure please beware graphic content... 

Quest for Kinyonga Kubwa, the Meller's Chameleon

The biotope of the biggest continental chameleon, Trioceros melleri 

Chameleons In The Wind

Chameleons are capable of siting in heavy wind on fast Moving branches very easily. Their string grip is caused by special structure of their skeletal muscles containing more static fibers than dynamic ones. Report that chameleons fall in terrariums are therefore a clear indication of weak health or wrong age interior, a healthy chameleon can never fall.

Chameleons Feed On Bees And Wasps

Bees and Wasps as natural food for chameleons the sweet and bitter truth.

How Chameleons Feed

Chameleons use for catching the prey, insects, their long projecting tongue