Videos From Madagascar

Author: Petr Nečas 

Nosy Be UVI On Sun And In Shade

The UVI varies greatly between the direct sun exposure and shade. Just a weak shade of palm leaves reduces UVI from 8 to 1,5 - 2!

Furcifer Oustaleti, Madagascar, Ankarafantsika

Furcifer oustaleti, Oustalet's Chameleon in central west Madagascar

Ambilobe Panther Chameleon Natural Habitat In Madagascar 

Furcifer pardalis live in Ambilobe in a farmland dominated by mango plantations 

Biotope Of Furcifer Pardalis In Ambanja

One of the typical biotopes of Furcifer pardalis in Ambanja are the Cashew-nut and Mango plantations

Chameleons Can Jump And Run! 

If in danger, chameleons can be quite wuick: they jump, land on inflated belly and run away quite quickly, on contrary to the common belief how slow they are... 

Nosy Be Panther Chameleon

Nosy Be Panther in the original biotope in his homecountry

Nosy Be Panther Chameleon "Natural" Biotope:
A Smelly Truth Tull Of Flies

The most Panther Chameleons from Nossy Be island that were exported during rhe past decades to EU and US come actually from a municipality rubbish deposit and its immediate vicinity: full of smell, attracting flies: the chameleons sort of "thrive" here and form an unbelieveably strong.  

Chameleons Do Not Eat Locusts As A Rule

Why chameleons do not eat locusts in the wild, we still do not know.
But, they do not as a rule... 

Ambanja Panther Chameleon in a Vanilla Plantation

Ambanja Panther Chameleon in a Vanilla plantation, in shade just 3m above the ground. One of the most colorful chameleons in the world: the Panther Chameleon from Ambanja.

Ankaramy Panther Chameleon - A Jewel Amongst Ots Cousins

The Ankaramy Panther Chameleon has an unusual combination of pink, blue and white... unique and beautiful 

Tanala - Camarad... Chameleon Is A Friend!

In Ankaramy, people do not consider chameleons a fadi, they let them go and do not pay attention to them. Now, at least some understand, that they are good friends: they help to control the pests... 

How Chameleon Males Control Their Territories Over Distance

In Nosy Be, males impose each other in the dependence from the population density for more than 10-20 meters or ag a distance of 2-3 meters. Mo aggression, only the language of colors...

Pair Bonding In Chameleons 

Chameleons build temporary pairs for the purpose of reproduction. Males interested in a receptive female mob with their heads and show their bright colors... 

Nosy Be, Nosy Komba, Ankify And Ambanja From Sea Perspective

...the areas, harboring separate populations of the Panther Chameleon are shown in reality... 

Population Density Of Furcifer Pardalis In Nosy Be

The population density of Panther Chameleons o Nosy Be is locally immense - several specimens can occupy same tree.

Chameleons In Rain In Ambanja

In the areas where normally you find hundreds of chameleons just next to the road you'll find none in the rain because they hide deep in the bushes to avoid the contact with rain.

Chameleons In The Wind, Furcifer Petteri In Montaigne de Ambre

Chameleons have specific muscle structure that allows them to grasp the branches very firmly and keep the grasp even in sleep and even in very heavy wind not to fall down under any obstacles. 

Brookesia Tuberculata, A Real Miniature Under Chameleons

The smallest Brookesia species are so tiny that it is hard to imagine... it is one if the smallest vertebrates at all.

An Unknown Of The Color Form Of The Panther Chameleon

Panther chameleons build a diverse group of tenths, maybe hundreds if local forms, where especially the males look completely unique way...  

Syntopy Of Furcifer Pardalis And Oustaleti In Ambilobe, NE Madagascar 

In some areas inhabited by both the Panther chameleons and the Oustalet's Chameleons, we can find them on the exact same spot, in the exact same tree, in the exact same biotope.

Chameleon Combat In Greatest Colors: Panther Chameleons In Ambanja

The territorial fight happen if the males cross mutually the "safe" distance... they vigorously fight using their horns and try to push the rival out of the branch and let him drop down. Usually, they do not bite. Once one male drops down, it is not followed by the winner. Once the looser changes the colors to dull and dark (in their color language, it means: "I accept your superiority") and turns below the branch, the winner calms down and does not continue with the attacks... 

Pair Bonding In Calumma Boettgeri

In the rainy season, chameleons temd to build temporary pairs for the purpose of reproduction - here in Madagascar, Nosy Komba.

Calumma Parson Male Watching With Hope To The Future

The Parson's Chameleon is slowly disappearing from this planet... it watches with hope to the future, that the human race finally starts caring for the planet and prevents its destruction, so that these gentle giants can crawl through the tropical rainforests and rule them... 

Furcifer Pardalis On Nosy Be, Madagascar

Tropical green lush vegetation, temps on the sun exceeding 38'C, while the shade is mild 28'C, humidities 40-60% at daytime, 100% at night with dew and 24'C. UVI at noon 8-9, in shade 0,5-2. Always windy, a light breeze blows all the time...

Ambanja Panther Chameleon In The Wild

Find an awesome Panther Chameleon male in a cocoa plantion in Ambanja, NW Madagascar 

Ambanja Panther Chameleon Female In The Wild

Ambanja Panther Chameleon female in the wild 

Furcifer pardalis builds locally strong population, they can be even found while driving... 

Chameleons In Ambanja In Disturbed Habitat 

The chameleons in Ambanja accept even quite disturbed habitays like a Ylang-Ylang plantation

Proximity In Male Chameleons

Proximity in Chameleons: males do not attack each other if keeping respectful distance 

Finding A Pair Of Ambanja Panther Chameleons In A Garden In Ambanja

The population of Panther Chameleons in Ambanja is rather dense. Quite often, you can find a male and a female sitting quite close to each other. 

TARONDU In A Nosy Be Expression For A Chameleon

Name it... The Nosy Be Panther Chameleon local name 

Ambilobe Panther Chameleon Female Shedding And Overheated

...chameleons shed their old skin in pieces, if the temperature is too high, they use very light colors like this lime yellow female of the Ambilobe Panther Chameleon to reflect the sun rays and prevent further energy intake... 

Tourist Plague At Ambilobe

Sometimes tourists shoot their pictures whatever it takes, not respecting the animal, stressing and mishandling it... awful :-(

Ambilobe - The Home Of The Ambilobe Panther Chameleon

F. Pardalis lives in Ambilobe in a disturbed deforested landscape full of introduced trees and plants, used for intense agriculture

Nosy Be Panther Chameleons On Ylang Ylang Plantation

The Panther Chameleons live on Nosy Be predominantly on man disturbed habitats such as plantation of almost any kind...

A Night Harvest In Nosy Be

The populations of Furcifer pardalis on Nosy Be are astonishingly dense

Distribution Of Freshly Hatched Chameleons In The Environment

In Nosy Be, two babies from very likely same clutch were found 15m from each other in a height of about 1,5 m meaning they have run at least 9 m each on the very day of the hatch.

Panther Chameleons Build Dense Populations In Nosy Be

Panther Chameleons build so dense populations in Nosy Be, that you can even find two males in same bust just 1,5m away if each other. No aggression...

Ankify Is An Island In Fact

At high Tide or after heavy rain the Ankify area is isolated from the Madagascar mainland by water, building a clear barrier for geneflow. 

Brookesia Tuberculata In Montaigne de Ambre

These miniature dragon of the rainforest are so tiny and move so slowly that for finding them you need deep knowledge of the environment, special training and lots of patience.

Furcifer Oustalieti Can Grow To Considerable Size

The Oustalet's Giant Chameleon can exceed the size of 2feet in wild specimens, they stay sometimes noble and calm...

Pair Bonding In Furcifer Petteri

In the mating season, males and females of chameleons stay very often very close to each other in pairs and do not separate for a couple of days or weeks until the successful mating happens, then they usually separate... 

Chameleons Can Not Fall In A Cage If They Are Healthy

In Montaigne de Ambre, a strong wind is normal. Chameleons easily hold on the branches and do not fall. If people report on chameleons falling in the cages, something is wrong with the chameleons, healthy ones do not fall.

Highly Overheated And Dehydrated Panther Chameleon In Ambilobe, NE Madagascar

Man-made changes in the landscape, especially deforestation and introduction of new, not indigenous plants to the environment brings challenges for the chameleons to survive, because they climb a tree with the belief that was confirmed by millions of years of experience to find their shelter, shade and moisture. This is not the case in this Zyzipha from Mauritania; chameleons living in these bushes starve, get ill and die.

Chameleon Crossing The Road In Madagascar

No-one will run over a chameleon wilingly in Madagascar.. it would be a bad luck, a fadi...

Madagascar: Chameleon Food

Zyzipha plant offers flowers eaten by pollinator insects which get polluted by pollen and eaten by chameleons