Current Chameleon Periodicals

...there are only three existing chameleon periodicals in the World...

The Journal of Chameleonology and Chameleonoculture

The chameleons are very unique creatures that attract human attention for millennia. They are a focus of many scientific studies as well as subject of captive husbandry.

Both fields deliver unique observations that need to be published and made available for the scientific as well as amateur public.

The aim of this journal is to serve a platform for authors to share their original findings to raise the importance of Chameleonology as a science and Chameleoculture as a field of Herpeto-culture.

AJOCC considers large as well as short papers on all aspects of chameleon existence and especially encourages publication of short communications on original observations. It is open to authors from wide spectrum, from scientists to amateur enthusiasts. As a unique aid, it offers a publication help service in case of inexperienced authors with unique evidence worth publishing. 

In English, plus Czech, Russian, German, French and Spanish

Die Chamaeleo

Unter diesem Gattungsnamen versteckt sich bei der AG Chamäleons eine kleine, aber feine Fachzeitschrift. Ursprünglich als Rundbrief Anfang der 1990er Jahre für die Mitglieder der AG ins Leben gerufen, hat sich die CHAMELEO inzwischen zu einer Zeitschrift für alles rund um Chamäleons gemausert. Aktuell wird jährlich eine Ausgabe herausgegeben.

Mitglieder der AG Chamäleons erhalten die CHAMAELEO kostenlos per Post. Online sind jeweils alle Artikel der letzten Ausgaben, sortiert nach ihren Themenbereichen, nachzulesen. Ausnahme ist jeweils die neueste Ausgabe – diese kann man erst im nächsten Jahr hier nachlesen. Wer also immer auf dem neuesten Stand sein möchte, wird Mitglied der AG Chamäleons.

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Chameleon Academy Journal

The Chameleon Academy Journal contains news articles, product reviews, show schedules, and reader image galleries. There will also be the schedule for the month so you know what is going on in the Chameleon Academy outreach. If you would like the information to come to your inbox then you can click here to view and join the Chameleon Academy Journal.

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Past Chameleon Periodicals

...once upon time, there were more chameleon periodicals in the World..


The Chameleon Information Network,

 is a worldwide organization of people with an interest in the famiy Chamaelonidae. Our purpose is to provide a forum for sharing information about these unique creatures in order is maximise their chances of surviving for the future. I is paramount that members off the ON disseminate knowledge about successful husbandy. I is of equal importance that we advocale, promote and support conservation of the frogie notural emiron-ments of al chameleons around the world

The CiN was active under the leadership of the publisher, Ardi Abate {RIP} from 1990 till 2000.

Nowadays, it is unavailable and almost lost, with few copies in private collections

Mission Statement

The purpose of this publication is to encourage and foster the interest, growth, knowledge, and awareness of the captive husbandry of old world chameleons for both advanced and new owners. The commitment is to present information on all aspects of their care and needs as well as the issues surrounding them. The objective is to provide comprehensive information from all perspectives. The ultimate goal is for the readers to have a well-informed understanding of these amazing creatures and the related issues.

The Chameleons! Online E-Zine was active under the leadership of the publisher, Christopher V.  Anderson from 2002 till 2014.

Despite inactive, it is fortunately still online, CLICK BELOW