Rhampholeon bruessoworum

Rhampholeon bruessoworum, also known as the Inago Pygmy Chameleon, is facing a critical endangerment status, barely holding on at the brink of survival. This species persists in only a handful of small areas of residual evergreen forest located on Mt. Inago in Mozambique. Unfortunately, these forests are being cleared to make way for subsistence farming, posing a significant threat to the chameleon's habitat. Additionally, the remaining forest patches are susceptible to fires that continuously encroach on this vital habitat.

Compounding these challenges is the lack of formal protection for Mt. Inago. The absence of official conservation measures leaves this unique ecosystem vulnerable to further degradation and potential extinction of the Inago Pygmy Chameleon.

Urgent action is needed to address the threats facing the Rhampholeon bruessoworum and its habitat. Measures such as habitat protection, community engagement, anti-deforestation efforts, and potentially establishing conservation reserves or protected areas are crucial to safeguard the survival of this endangered species and the biodiversity of Mt. Inago.