Chameleons In The Captivity

Chameleon Tongue Punching

Chameleon tongue shooting

Chameleon "Birth"

A chameleon hatches from the egg

Chameleon Eggs Hatching Process

How to inspect a chameleon

Baby Chameleon Cage

Chameleon hatch assistance

Chameleon Strategy: Run-run-run!

Sexing Meller's Chameleon

Fat Storage And Obesity In Chameleons

An Autopsy Of Heavily Obese Captive Chameleon

Force Hydrating a Chameleon

Chameleon Fecal Parasites Visible

Oxyurids or Roundworms are frequent parasites of wild chameleons. In healthy and well fed specimens, they show very low pathogenicity and are therefore not necessary to treat as a rule, if their invasion is not massive. 

Chameleons Skinny To Obese

How to evaluate the nutritional status of a chameleon on an example of Chamaeleo calyptratus and how to solve obesity?  

Chameleon Care 101:
Gravid (Pregnant) Chameleons & What To Do