A paradox of Cuteness and Cruelty


A paradox of Cuteness and Cruelty: the tranlucent yemen chameleons and their destiny…

Only few people watching these cute little creatures think of anything else just excitement and admiration…

The bad true is however quite cruel:

Weak genetics - they are result of brutal,

many generations of inbreeding, so their postamatal mortality is very high, amd they die young, surrendering some if the tirbutes of weak genetics such as inner organ failure, weak immunity, sudden death syndrome etc and they will be prone to any chameleon disease, even the "harmless" ones

They need UV but can not get it, as they lack on substantial parts of the body melanine, which efficiently builds a barrier against bad influence of UV and as such, they will likely die as a result of cancer induced by the carcinogeneous UV light.

The males will be more

aggressive towards females and can sometimess even kill them in a rape attempt

They will be possibly infertile

They will show deviant behaviot and reactions and you eill never find out what it means

Do not get fouled by their cutennes only - they are sentenced to early death. Just because some people want to see deviant white and pink ones color on one of the most colorful chameleon species in the world

Author: Petr Nečas