Autumn Changes


Have you noticed any strange, unusual, as yet unregistered behavior of your chameleons?
Do they drink more?
Have they changed colors, are they dark or light colored?
Do they dig deeper into the vegetation?
Are they hiding?
Did they stop eating?
Are they nervous, shy and biting?
Do you mist as usual, yet the chameleon still has significantly more orange urates?

Autumn is here!

The heating season has begun.
The air warmed up in our homes and significantly reduced the humidity.
The days become shorter.

Don't panic, it's completely normal. Chameleons in the wild also respond to natural cycles by changing behavior.
Measure, watch, compensate, take strategic decisions if not to let the chameleons hibernate a bit.

In case of uncertainty, publish in a group or write a personal report to the experts!

Author: Petr Nečas