Egg Transport


It is not business! These are living creatures. Whether you are receiving a replacement for unhatched ones or not is totally irrelevant! Apply this rule when you order lamps or equipment, NOT when dealing with living creatures.

Shipping eggs with parcel service is unethical and I in person will never approve it.


For three reasons:

1. IT IS NOT NATURAL. Eggs in the nature are NOT moving, so

Moving them is not natural

2. IT IS RISKY. The parcel is shaken, can fall from high, can be exposed to high or low temperature, can be stepped on and NO parcel service can guarantee you this will not happen.

3. IT IS EASY TO BE A FRAUD. Noone knows what is inside. Are they feetile? Are they from a good source? Are they inbred? Crossbred? You do not know. And it will last etwr it to find out. Guarrantee? Money-back?

Do you believe it? No law in the world counrs with a guarantee of 8-12 monts in case of living creatures.

It is highly possibly fraud.

They are NO GOODS they are LIVING CREATURES at the stage of embryonic development. They have the right to be treated with respect and caution and not to be exposed to unnecessary and uncontrollable risk.


Yes, some eggs will survive, some will hatch, some parcels will get to the destination without evident harm...

For me, this is just SOME.

I am Chameleon Godfather. I do not care for SOME only.


Author: Petr Nečas