Furcifer labordi, female destiny


A spectacular document of female Furcifer labordi in the last tens of minutes of her life journey


The drama and beauty of this documentary is obvious. I love it.

And I hate the discoverers of this phenomenon ignored the non english literature and made a PR story about a well known phenomenon of some populations of chameleons surviving just on eggs

While all the adults die in harsh dry season. It haopens also to populations if the notiriously known. Hamaekei calypteatus in Yemen. The film do umentary does not show last seconds but last tens of seconds or even hours of the life of the female and faking it in a way that it explodes in colors using time-lapse and not mentioning it, is faking the facts… BTW, also, a well known phenomenon that a dying chameleon chages often color to the brightest tones just before death…

So, a nice true story with an unnecessary bitter aftertaste

Author: Petr Nečas