It's Summer, It's Time To Go For Outdoor Caging


There is nothing better for Chameleon than staying in the fresh air and in the natural sun.

Our summer (central Europe, same as in Northern States of the US, Canada, same as in Russia, China, Korea, Taiwan...) is absolutely fine for commonly kept chameleon species. The night drops are mild and every species will tolerate them absolutely well, and they will even benefit from them.

The question is how to accommodate chameleons outside, and in today's crisis time, the question of finances may also arise as substantial.

Of course, you can have a commercial mesh cage outdooors, their advantage is breathability, lightness and easy handling. The disadvantage is that the nets used to make them are too fine and no insects can get inside at all, but ants. And that's a pity.

An absolutely elegant and very cheap solution is to create a self-supporting net made of mesh, commonly a ailable in shops or markets with garden equipment. For est. 20 USD with a little skill, you can create in 45 minutes. beautiful vivarium of size 2 by 2 by 4 ft, only with the use of mesh, binding wire and plastic binding tapes (not necessary, it will only speed things up) .

You don't have to deal with any doors, you just sew chameleons into it and when you need to take them out, you either cut the mesh and make a door or you untie one of the edges and then tie it back again. You don't have to worry that the chameleon will escape. All you have to do is hang a piece of bone or meat inside or splash a little beer on the leaves and the chameleons might catch enough food on their own in any ordinary garden or on the balcony.

Author: Petr Nečas