Misting When Lights Are Off


I am very happy that with the times I work with many groups, focused on beginners, some rules seem to be hewed like in a stone and presented as an axiom. One of these, applied fir INDIORS keeping is:

Do not mist when the lights are on!OrMist only, before the lights go ON or after they go OFF!

For better understanding, let us make the statement more precise: 

There is NO DANGER of the coincidence of light and misting. But therenis a HIGH RISK of the coincidence of heat and misting. 

The latter would increase the air humidity at high temperatures, which can easily cause the often deadly RI.If using only lights with "cold light" such as LED, the risk of misting is minimal (at low ambient temps under 70F). 

The risk is higher if linear fluorescent lamps or coiled ones or heat lamps emitting IR light are used. Also, it is not good to mist when ambient temperatures are high (above 70F) as the heat plus high humidity also happens this way and has the same bad consequences.

In case, the ambient humidity is too low and the kept species requires higher humidity levels, light misting is of course one of the mechanisms, how to increase it. In this case, a cautious misting can be done, especially in well ventilated cages (mesh) and in any case when heat lamps are OFF.

So, what to do in case I need to mist?

1. Make sure the temperature is not exceeding 70 (in case it is impossible, mist very lightly, measure the humidity not to reach levels above 80% and make sure the cage is well ventilated - est through mesh on sides and top and/or using additional fan if necessary)

2. Make sure the lights, especially the heat-emitting ones are OFF (in the wild, mist or rain happens also when light is low - under cloud cover or in clouds/fog)

3. Mist or use rain simulation (the latter is much better, as misting is done by pressurized water, which is absent in the wild but the typical way how to mist in captivity unnaturally)

4. Measure and adjust - always know what you are doing, do it deliberately and use devices to measure what happens, adjust and finetune whenever necessary.

The supersafe recommendation is: MIST ONLY, WHEN THE LIGHTS ARE OFF.

The rest, the intelligent reader will understand.

Author: Petr Nečas