Myths Unleashed: Chameleon Shedding...


Often, people ask: "What should I do when my chameleon is shedding?"
And often, many people rush with good advices like:
"Increase humidity!"
"Spray the enclosure!"
"Spray with warm water!"
All these recommendations are uncritically parroted for ages.
And, they all are totally WRONG.

Increased humidity brings problems for shedding once it is in process!!!
In chameleons, unlike e.g. in snakes, the old skin gets separated from the new one by AIR LAYER.
So, if you increase the humidity or even spray, the old skin gets glued to the new one and the shedding process gets stuck!
On Contrary:
Keep the humidity low when the shedding happens, it is over in several hours.

Never spray chameleon with warm water! You will burn him! Warm perceived by humans is around 110F, even lukewarm is at our body-temperature at 98,6F: that is too high for a Chameleon!

Only in case the old shed gets stuck, make it moist with cold (room temperature) water and remove mechanically!
Never use any oil nor vaseline to do so! It is useless, it can be harmful! Water does the job best, easiest, most natural way!

Some people will object: but I was advised so for long time.
OK, please ignore it! We were also told for centuries, our earth is flat and people saying it was round were crucified...

Some people will object: but I spray my chameleon and it sheds!
OK, then please understand, he/she is shedding not BECAUSE you spray but DESPITE OF your spraying and you are lucky that it does not cause problems.

"WHAT TO DO, once I notice my Chameleon is shedding?"
Do nothing!
Do not spray on him!
Do not spray the enclosure!
Do Not increase humidity!
Let him/her get rid of the old skin.

Author: Petr Nečas