Reading Urates


Chameleon urates are one of the best indication of the level of chameleon hydration. 

Here, a sequence from dehydration (left) to overhydration (right) and the intermediate physiological stages of captive Chamaeleo calyptratus

The hydration method used is nighttime fogging at 17°C. Overhydration reached by daily 6 hours fogging, dehydration reached by 1 night per week 4 hours fogging (ambient temp 21°C , night 17°C, ambient humidity at 21°C 40 %, at 17°C 52 %. It is easy to adjust. Do not get fouled by false dehydration signs of urates shown on second pic, they are incomplete. 

Wait for a complete one or find the second part too.

Author: Petr Nečas