Abronia – Updated Observations on Captive Care* – One of RHP's very own herpetoculture experts, Jason Wagner, looks back on his nearly two decades of working with multiple species of arboreal alligator lizards in the genus Abronia. Jason shares the observations and techniques he has developed over that time that he believes are the keys to achieve multigenerational success with the herpetoculture of this stunningly beautiful group of lizards.

A review of San Diego Zoo's Herpetology Collections – San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance's (SDZWA) Curator of Wildlife Care & Conservation – Herpetology & Ichthyology, Kim Gray, presents an overview of the SDZWA's Mission and the role of its Herpetology Collection to inspire passion for nature through their three primary goals – unmatched diversity, increasing sustainability, and conservation value. To that end, Kim discusses the programs and facilities, along with the collection itself, and has provided a checklist of the species maintained at the SDZWA facility.

Creating Masterpieces Dedicated to Reptiles and Amphibians – Responsible Herpetoculture Project's founder (also Director of BION Terrarium Center), Dmitri Tkachev, interviews herpetologist and artist, Rene Maldonado about his passion for the natural world, particularly reptiles and amphibians and the artwork it has inspired him to create. Rene discusses the development and evolution of his passion, along with his work cataloging reptile and amphibian species from around the world, using his own style, inspired by some of the naturalists of old that originally described many of these species.

The Salamanders of Germany – Countercurrent Life in Secret -Private breeder and nature conservationist, Leandro Bergmann discusses the various taxa of salamanders native to his home country of Germany including Alpine salamanders (Salamandra atra ssp.), and fire salamanders (Salamandra salamandra ssp.). Descriptions of the subspecies and variations that occur in Germany along with the habitats and other environmental conditions they require, and notes on their behavior and life cycle are provided.

Discussing Antivenom with Mark O'Shea – Thomas Marriott, Editor of Exotic Keeper's Magazine (UK) working with world renowned herpetologist, Professor Mark O'Shea, describes the history of the development of antivenoms over time, the role that economies of the regions most affected by the frequency of envenomation has had on the development of safer and more effective medications, and a look into future developments in this field.

Herpetoculture of the Moroccan Eyed Lizard – Tarron Boon, a private breeder from the United Kingdom provides a description of the natural history, husbandry and breeding of the Moroccan eyed lizard (Timon tangitanus). This lesser known relative of the familiar ocellated lizard (Timon lepidus) from southern Europe, is equally beautiful with its own unique appearance, but is similarly easy to maintain and breed in captivity.

A Visit to the 2022 Turtle and Tortoise Preservation Group Conference in Mesa, Arizona – Managing Editor of the Responsible Herpetoculture Journal, Sam Bacchini, provides an account of his first attendance at the Turtle and Tortoise Preservation Group's (TTPG) annual conference of the husbandry and breeding of turtles and tortoises in Mesa, Arizona, USA. A brief overview of the venue, presentations and associated activities is provided.

Notes on Successful Breeding of West Malaysian box turtles – Dylan Whitehill, a private breeder in the northeastern United States, describe his experiences and observations while learning to maintain and reproduce the West Malaysian box turtle (Cuora amboinensis couro) in captivity. Dylan provides a discussion of the taxonomy and natural history of this subspecies along with the methodologies he developed during his quest to successfully maintain and reproduce this highly underrated species.

Husbandry and Breeding of Red-tailed Green Ratsnake – Yaroslav Oleynik, a private breeder from Ukraine, discusses his experiences with the red-tailed green Ratsnake (Gonyosoma oxycephalum) in the wild during his time in Vietnam, followed by his methods he uses to maintain and reproduce this species in captivity.

A Review of the Publications of the Turtle and Tortoise Preservation Group, "The Batagur", and "The Batagur Monographs" – Responsible Herpetoculture Journal Managing Editor, Sam Bacchini, reviews two regular publications from the TTPG, and discusses the similar mission of this organization to the RHP.

The main role of RHP is to become a public relations and educational platform that will protect the interests of herpetoculture both as hobby and industry.

The RH Journal is the official bimonthly publication of the Responsible Herpetological Project (RHP). The President of the RHP is Philippe de Vosjoli, the person who created herpetoculture as a philosophy and a kind of zooculture and was the publisher of "The Vivarium" magazine

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Author: Petr Nečas