The Myth About Soaking, Bathing, Spraying, Misting And Showering Chameleons Revealed...


Repeatedly people get advised, even by VETs or get ideas like that, to soak, bath, spray, mist or shower their chameleons.

With one only little exception in the course of emergency rehydration, when an indirect shower can be tolerated as one of the possible methods, all the rest is a total crap and absolutely meaningless or even harmful.

The reasons are simple:

1. The skin of chameleons is NOT penetrable by water. So it makes no sense to make it moist. It has absolutely no effect.

2. Any touch of chameleon body is causing stress, as in the wild, there are only three occasions, when chameleon body is touched: 

a. When unexpected rain comes at night, 

b. While mating, 

c. While being predated. 

So, any touch is omitted as vigorously as possible or leads to heavy discomfort and stress that can even be lethal.

Even on reputable sites, people are swearing their chameleon likes daily bath up to one hour, they report it helped to calm it down and recommend for hydration etc etc.

Please, this is an absolute insanity and qualifies already as animal torture.
Never do it!

Author: Petr Nečas