Why Do Get Captive Chameleons Picky?


Very often, we read reports on captive chameleons becoming very picky and selective in food, refusing this or that food item...

IMHO, the pickiness of our captive chameleons is often driven by us not letting them really to become hungry.
Almost all captive chameleons are overfed.
In the wild, despite we think often differently and consider their biotopes full of food to choose, this perception is not fact-based and is false, as they are rather poor in the offer
for most species
for most of the year.
So, they eat willingly almost all what is a ailable...

I suggest you let your Captive
Chameleons from time to time to starve for a week, better two, and then offer something it used to refuse...
This way you will gain a better picture than on the not-hungry note. And, this will definitely not harm the animal by any way... on contrary, it will benefit from it...

Author: Petr Nečas