This is the Planet Earth. We believe, it is ours. But, there are fantastic beings here, that live here for much much longer. They saw the birth of the great dinosaurs and saw their surrender. They saw how our race raised and how it conquered the Earth. They are masters of survival, they are wise, they are the sages: the chameleons. They are ready to share their planet with us. They want to share their wisdom with us... 
I listen to them and I understand their language. So, let me tell you their stories and bring good tidings from them to people. Chameleons will teach us how to save this planet. 
My name is Petr Nečas, I am the chameleon Godfather. 

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Chameleon tongue shooting

Chameleon fog hydration on Atlantic coast of Morocco

Chameleon "birth", a chameleon hatches from the egg

How to inspect a chameleon

Baby Chameleon Cage

Chameleon strategy: Run-run-run!

Petr Necas im Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin - Chameleon calyptratus calcarifer

Chameleon Care 101: Gravid (pregnant) chameleons & what to do

Chameleons With Petr Necas Of Bion

The Arabian Chameleon In Fog 

Chameleon Tails Fascination

Chameleon Fecal Parasites Visible

Oxyurids or Roundworms are frequent parasites of wild chameleons. In healthy and well fed specimens, they show very low pathogenicity and are therefore not necessary to treat as a rule, if their invasion is not massive. 

Oman, Arabian Chameleon biotope, clouds, hydration, khareef

Chameleon eggs hatching process

Chameleon hatch assistance

Sexing Meller's Chameleon

Fat storage and obesity in chameleons, an autopsy of heavily obese captive chameleon

Force Hydrating a Chameleon

Petr Necas at the Museum of Natural History in Berlin - Chameleon calyptratus calcarifer

UV Sensitive Beads

Dispelling 5 Myths About Captive Chams

The Most Colorful Chameleon: LWC Contest Jan 2020

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Chameleon eye fascination

Life With Chameleons organized a chameleon eye contest, the results see here... 

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